A Collection of Squatch NFTs - Generating Positive Growth
Keep it Simple, Squatches!
The SquatchFund operates from the core principle of SIMPLICITY - providing monthly SquatchGifts in the form of dividends to all Squatch NFT holders - and "rarity bonus gifts" as well! SquatchGifts are generated through SquatchFund trading activities, as outlined in the InfoPaper (link below!)

Squatch NFT holders also receive access to the exclusive token-gated SquatchAcademy, featuring a variety of short courses and resources on the trading and investing strategies of each SquatchTrader, money mindset, improving productivity, goal setting, and so much more.

The Squatch NFT Collection lives on the OpenSea Marketplace on the Polygon Blockchain. 

We are excited to hit a new milestone - all of the important 'stuff' - the contracts, the artwork, the legals, creation of the ERC-721A contract, AND the test-mint - has passed the final stages of approval! 

The SquatchTeam is excited to confirm that SQUATCHTRADING HAS COMMENCED with the mint of the first Whitelist Squatch on July 27, 2022!

Whitelist Mint is approximately $300 USD per Squatch NFT, in MATIC, with mint price gradually increasing as Squatches are minted!

You can find ALL the info here --> SquatchFund Whitepaper/WIKI
Everything about the SquatchFund is straightforward and simple - even this website! 

The InfoPaper/WIKI should provide the answers to any questions, but if you can't find what you're looking for there, reach out to the SquatchTeam at info@squatches.io

In case you missed it... 

The Squatch WhiteList is NOW MINTING! 
Public minting opens July 30, 2022 - 12:00 UTC!
Note: There is no limit to the number of Squatch NFTs that can be held in a wallet; however, to be fair for everyone, there is a limit that can be reserved for the Whitelist mint period - and that limit is 25.

Each Whitelist Mint costs approximately $300 USD per Squatch NFT, in MATIC. 

Whitelist mint opens for 72 hours ONLY on July 27, 2022! 

Public minting opens July 30, 2022 at $300 USD, paid in MATIC, gradually increasing as Squatches get minted! So get on the Whitelist, secure your Squatch and save $$$s by being first in line!
Minting a Squatch NFT
Squatch NFT Minting opens for WhiteListed wallets on July 27, 2022!

The Squatch NFT public (not on the list) minting commences July 30, 2022 (72 hours after WhiteList Mint).

Whitelist mint price is approximately $300 USD in MATIC, on the Polygon Blockchain.

Public mint price (after 72 hours of whitelist mint) starts at $300 USD in MATIC.
SquatchFund Details
The SquatchTeam is comprised of 6 Traders and a Project Lead. 

Trading within the SquatchFund occurs 7 days per week.

The SquatchFund distributes SquatchGifts monthly to all wallets holding Squatch NFTs, starting October 27, 2022 - as per the SquatchFund Protocol.

Get in Touch
Have more questions that aren't addressed in the SquatchFund Whitepaper/WIKI?

We'd be happy to answer them!

Connect with the SquatchTeam at info@squatches.io with your question.
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